I did it!

Good morning lovely people So yesterday was my first day of external training and i got through it! I also ate LOADS of food (more on that later). So as you know, i emailed the tutor to explain about my ‘issue’ and i wondered how he  was going to get around me not having to […]

Am I Cured?

Hellooooooo See, I haven’t posted EVERY day! Go me! So today, I went to Harley Street in London for Hypnotherapy. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I nearly walked passed the door and into the next door to get boob implants, but I didn’t. I sat in the comfy chair and spoke about my […]

Bloody Tights

So, it’s me again. I was up at 5.30 today (the only time I usually get up at this time is to go on holiday) and I thought I’d sleep on the train to Birmingham. That soon went out the window when families with screaming children got on. I forgot it was the school holidays […]

Not again…

Yes I know what you are thinking, Is she REALLY going to blog everyday. Who does that?!?! Well, I don’t know the rules. I don’t even really know what I’m doing, but do not fear, I’m sure I won’t post something EVERY Day. 🙂 Today I started taking my tablets for anxiety and I felt […]


Oh no, not another post, it’s only been a day! well, that’s correct but a lot can happen in a day! Before I go on and bore you all (I say all, but no one will actually ever find my blogs so technically, I’m taking to myself :-O), it’s a great day today because The […]

8 Days!!!

So, I left the job from hell (I’ll explain why later), and I have been in my new job for about two weeks. I am being sent on a training day (oh joy) next Monday and I am already dreading it. For those reading this who also stammer, you may understand why. Training courses mean […]