What do you mean?

When you nod your head yes but you want to say no.

I don’t know why i have Beiber in my head. No idea at all. I hope this song is now in your head. You’re welcome.

So on the stammering front, things have been pretty shit. I seem to be trying to talk faster and saying it all in one breath which just makes it worse. I think breathing is a massive part of it.

I had to make a bloody phone call the other day because someone fraudulently opened an account in my name. That was awful. I even considered paying for the catalogue just so i would not have to make the call. 

I have started this new online CBT thing for anxiety called Silvercloud. I am hoping for some kind of improvement. 

Wow this post is boring. I suppose its good reading material if you need help sleeping. haha. 

I often wonder how people with a stammer feel about getting married and dating. I find it embarassing and couldn’t think of anything worse than speaking in front of people. If you met me you’d think i was super confident (maybe a little sarcastic) and probably wouldn’t notice my stammer. I have become so used to hiding it its actually tiring. It always wins though! When it comes to phone calls or speeches etc. 🙂

However, i really admire those who embrace their stammer; it must be a lovely freedom feeling. Hopefully i will be one of those people one day. I think the more the media surround us with fake people who are deemed to be ‘perfect’, the less chances are of this happening though. 

Anyway, i am going to sleep now next to my new strawberry smelling candles (i hope you are jealous).

Take care

L x


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