Guess who’s back, back again


so i have lots to update you on since my last blog… LOADS.

My course went well. For some reason people assume i am really comfident and therefore make me present what we have just done in teams. This always happens! I think it’s because i am quite sarcastic (think Chandler from F.R.I.E.N.D.S). Anyway i passed the course and my exam so I am now a Lead Auditor. Wahoo.

I also went on a 3 day first aid course! That was fun. As usual i was dreading the introductions but the lady did a different kind of ice breaker which worked well. Phew! I can now save your virtual lives. I hope you feel in safe hands 😊. One MAJOR issue with this course was that there was no food provided. They should be ashamed.

what else have i been doing? Not much. I may have exaggerated slightly when i said I had LOADS to tell you.

I went out on friday night but thats not overly exciting. Although two people told me i’m beautiful which was random. I mean next time guys buy me a drink yeah 🙄. Haha.

I have noticed that alcohol hasn’t been helping my stammer lately though; usually  when i drink i am pretty much fluent but not anymore. Maybe its my age. Im a whole 28 years old now. Booooo.

anyway must go. Things to do. People to see. Washing up to do.


L xx



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