Hello… Me aggggain (see what i did there) 


It’s been a while (but who is counting right!?).

Ive been busy with work (thats a lie everyone uses when they don’t see their friends often).

I have two jobs, my main job is in central London and the other i do in my local area. My part time job is a Care Assistant. Well it was, until i resigned today 😳. I will really really miss the people who I help but I think sometimes you have to be selfish and two jobs is really draining me at the moment. So, i will be sticking to my full time job for the time being. 

Tomorrow i have a course. I was dreading it because i will have to speak out loud at some stage, hello I am Lauren… Blah blah. Its so annoying when you cannot say your own name. Its literally the only thing you are guaranteed to need to say FOREVER. 

However, i emailed the course provider and they were really nice about it. The tutor called me and asked what kind of adjustments I would need and we discussed it (even though I hate using phones) and i think its all sorted now. Plus you get FREE FOOD. Its very exciting. 

I think thats all from me… I’ve been in a very foul mood today. It doesn’t help that its nearly 10pm and my neighbour has decided to do DIY. I will therefore lay in bed thinking of all the mean things i want to say to him, but never actually will (1) because i am British and we are too scared of confrontation and (2) i probably wouldn’t be able to say it anyway. 


Take care

L xx


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