Hello, its me (in the style of Adele obviously). I feel like I haven’t posted in ages! 

So… What have i been upto i hear you ask… Not much really!

I obviously went on the road trip around California which was amazing! America is such a beautiful place, no wonder americans just go on holiday in their own country.

In terms of my stupid speech, its just that, stupid. There was a presentation that I was involved in at work which i obviously couldn’t do so i had to ask the other girl in my team whether she would mind doing it. She didn’t mind luckily but it was embarrassing. 

Next… I have to do another course which is a week long and is a lot of speaking in front of the class. I have been putting off booking it but my manager asked me about it again yesterday. I emailed the company to explain about my issue and asked whether any adjustments could be made but they haven’t responded yet 😦

I don’t know what i’m going to do. I feel like i could be so much more if it wasn’t for this issue. You will notice i call it ‘issue’ a lot as i hate saying its name! 

Actually, as i hate the actual name, i may give my issue a new name. Barry? 

Any suggestions?

Anyway, must go now as i need to get off the train and head in to work 🙂

Have a lovely day 

L xx


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