Conference call anyone?


Its me again, the girl who cannot speak properly 🙂 

Firstly i’d like to tell you something funny that happened to me today. It was the first day back at work after the easter weekend and i was sitting on the train trying to listen to the radio (Kiss 100 to be precise). I plugged my headphones in, made sure my 4G was on and clicked onto the app and pressed play. Nothing. Nothing at all came out. Great! I thought, my phone is broken. I’m going on holiday soon, i cant possibly go on an 11 hour flight with no music!

Let me check again, headphones plugged in, internet on. Close the app down and open it again. Still nothing. 15 minutes later and i go to unplug my headphones… Wait, whats that on my lap? Its the other end of the headphones! I plugged them in but didn’t put them in my ears! Hahhahahaa. I burst out laughing on the train. 

Moving on 😐

So as part of my job, i have to discuss with managers what procedures they are going to put in place to improve things. Face to face i can just about get away with but tomorrow i have to participate in a dreaded conference call. 

The thing about face to face is that if i can’t get my words out, the person opposit can see me and they know i am trying/thinking. On the phone, if i can’t get my words out, people assume the phone has been cut off or they may think I am taking a nap. Who knows! The thing is, once you stammer once it kind of ruins the whole call as you tense up and panic. 

I blame Alexander Bell for inventing the telephone. I mean do we REALLLY need it, lets go back to using tin cans and string. 

So apart from tomorrow being awful, i think the rest of my week should be ok! I have an eye test on saturday because I can’t really see out of my current contact lenses anymore which is a slight issue when you drive. 

Yes thats right, i did just bore you with the plans of my eye test. Aren’t you lucky. 

Well thats it from me. Oh no waittt, i nearly forgot, my anxiety tablets seem to be working. I literally sing all the time. Although that could just be because i no longer have a dickhead for a manager. Lets say its because of the tablets… 🙂

P.s im freaking out about my trip to California. I. Hate. Flying. 

Anyway, Hope you lovely people have a fab week

L xx


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