Where have you been?

Good question. Where have i been? Well, i’m not entirely sure. I appear to have been busy but i’m not sure what I have been doing 😐

My pole teacher has asked me to help teach on a wednesday now (have i mentioned this already?) so i now do pole fitness Wednesday, Thursday, Friday’s and Saturdays. Ahhh, yes, I think that   explains where i have been! 

Anyway, my speech has been a bit shit lately. I hoped the Hypnotherapy would have helped but I don’t think it has in relation to my speech. On the other hand, i think it HAS helped with my fear of mice. No, seriously. I say fear, they don’t scare me, i just can’t help running into a room and shutting the door when my cats bring one in. I may squeal a little too.

Anyway my cats brought one home twice this week. TWICE. why would they do this  i hear you ask. Its payback. I bought the chicken flavoured Sheba cat food instead of fish. I know, its an awful thing.

To cut a really boring story short, this time i just walked up to the front door, opened it and the mice saw their freedom and ran for it. I’m sure one of them tried to high 5 me on the way passed. They survived! Wahoo.

So yes, i still have a stammer but i am now the mice whisperer. 

Moving on, a little while ago a friend sent me an article that Scroobius Pip wrote. I won’t lie, i had no idea who that was. It turns out he has/had a stammer and a lot of what he wrote actually made sense to me and was similar to mine. He is a musician and is doing really well. He is open about his stammer and it seems people accept him for it. I have started following him on Facebook hoping that he may inspire me! I wonder if i will ever be that open. Its a scary thing! 

Well thats enough from me this evening!

Below is a picture of one of the mice kidnappers!

Take care

L xx



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