Good evening fellow bloggers

It was my first day back at work after the course and i did what i usually do, bore everyone with what i’d learnt! Did you know that….. Was pretty much how i started most of my sentences. What. A. Geek. 

I’ve been really happy today and i’m not sure if I’m genuinely happy, whether its the weight off my shoulders because the course is over with or whether its the tablets. The problem with being on these tablets is, will i ever know if im genuinely happy or not?

I have also been singing a lot. I don’t know if anyone else who has a stammer sings a lot, but i do. Like loads. Im like a bloody jukebox. I do wonder if its because those with a stammer can sing fluently so maybe its like a release? Who knows!

I also find i can speak fluently when i put on accents. Its strange isn’t it. I may have ordered a few takeaways in a Liverpudlian accent before. Anyway… Moving on swiftly. 

Tonight my Pole Fitness teacher has asked me to help out at a beginners class so that should be good. Pole Fitness is the only thing i have really stuck at. Its good to have a hobby that gets you away from your mind for a bit! 

Maybe i should join a choir too! Maybe not, i don’t want to be the cause of someone going deaf 😐

Hope you all have a lovely evening 

L xx

P.s as i haven’t posted any pictures yet I thought id share a view from my way home from work 🙂 



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