I did it!

Good morning lovely people

So yesterday was my first day of external training and i got through it! I also ate LOADS of food (more on that later).

So as you know, i emailed the tutor to explain about my ‘issue’ and i wondered how he  was going to get around me not having to introduce myself without the rest of the class wondering what was going on.

He was amazing! He just asked everyone to write their names on a flip chart when they came in the room and said ‘it will save us time later’. I was so happy and it was really nice of him to do that.

As long as the attention is not on me, i can usually get away with people not knowing about my ‘issue’. Oh and as long as i’m not tired, and as long as i don’t have to speak on the phone 😐

So the course was fun and we were working in groups of 4 and i kinda took the lead. NEVER will i do that again. When it came to presenting to the class, one person from each team had to explain what we had done. My bloody team all looked at me to be the person to present! Its my own fault for coming accross as confident and fluent (neither which are true). 

I did it though. I didn’t really have any time to worry about it and words came out so that was a plus! 

Its day 2 today so i’m going to make someone else present 🙂

Now for the best bit – FREE FOOD! I love food. So yesterday I ate:

  • 4 freshly baked cheese puff paistries
  • Cookie
  • Chocolate brownie
  • Chicken curry
  • Pot of ice cream

I then went home and had dinner. obviously. 

I hope i can control myself today but i doubt it. Its FREEEEE. 

On the negative side, i didnt get a free pen. I know, its devastating news. 

Well thats enough from me this morning (my first morning post!). Im currently standing on a very packed train on my way to Charing Cross in London. I’m obviously hiding my screen… Otherwise i wouldnt be a secret stammerer would i!

Have a great day everyone.

L (i can still be L for a little longer!) xx


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