Am I Cured?


See, I haven’t posted EVERY day! Go me!

So today, I went to Harley Street in London for Hypnotherapy. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I nearly walked passed the door and into the next door to get boob implants, but I didn’t. I sat in the comfy chair and spoke about my issue and then I think I was hypnotised. All I remember is falling asleep, but I was still in the room and could hear her. How odd.

After, I felt really happy. I know I’m not cured, but I was pleased that I was happy! Like really happy. She said I wouldn’t feel like I have changed, but I may notice that I’m not as anxious as I would usually be and may not be so scared of phones anymore (surely not!?!?).

So we will have to wait and see!

then, on my way back to the station, I went passed the theatre that was showing The Book of Mormon and I won some front row tickets! It was a really funny show. I wouldn’t recommend it if you are easily offended though!

Remember the course I said I am doing on Monday? Well I emailed the company to explain about my stammer and the tutor emailed me back saying he won’t make me introduce myself! That’s a big weight off of my shoulders. Now I’m wondering what everyone is going to think when he misses me out! This should be interesting! But best of all, on this course you get a FREE PEN!!!! Not only that, it comes with a highlighter. How exciting. You’ve got to love a freebie.

Have a fab weekend!

L (still haven’t changed my name) xxx





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