Bloody Tights

So, it’s me again.

I was up at 5.30 today (the only time I usually get up at this time is to go on holiday) and I thought I’d sleep on the train to Birmingham. That soon went out the window when families with screaming children got on. I forgot it was the school holidays :(. Stupid children disturbing my sleep time 🙂

So I was obviously nervous that I’d stammer more than normal because I was tired but I didn’t. In fact I hid it rather well today. *high fives myself*

Today, the only thing that ruined my day was my bloody tights. They kept falling down and I had to keep pulling them up. I try to do it discretely usually, but by the 100th time of pulling them up, I just didn’t care who saw me in the end.

So, good day for stammering, bad day for clothing.

My training course on Monday is getting closer, I’m wondering if I can change my name by Monday. Why is it that stammerer’s can’t say their own names, it’s very annoying.

On a completely random note, I think I’m going to start reading the Harry Potter books on my kindle. They are supposed to be quite a good read.

Well, this may just be the most boring post ever. I doubt I’ll be able to post anything tomorrow, I have my pole fitness class. I say that now, I may have more random things to say.


L (maybe a new name soon!) xx






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