Oh no, not another post, it’s only been a day!

well, that’s correct but a lot can happen in a day!

Before I go on and bore you all (I say all, but no one will actually ever find my blogs so technically, I’m taking to myself :-O), it’s a great day today because The Walking Dead is back on! Wahoo.

Now back to non-zombie life, not long left until my training course now. I’m dreading it. I’m not sure if having a stammer also makes you anxious, or whether they are two separate things, but I do have anxiety issues. I can never quite escape from my own head. This is linked to my stammer because, as you know, I’m a secret stammerer so if I have to do public speaking, I get really anxious. My heart beats fast, I get sweaty, I need the toilet (loads!). Wow toilet talk after just 1 post!

So I went to the doctors today; mainly to get some vallium for my upcoming holiday as I hate flying and also to talk about my anxiety. We spoke about it and she gave me some tablets. Anti-depressants 😐

I wasn’t expecting to be given them, but apparently they are good for anxiety. We shall see. They take 3 weeks to kick in, and my course is on Monday. oops.

I have also booked hypnotherapy for Saturday so I shall let you know how it goes. She has helped other stammerer’s and fear of flying’ers (that’s Deffo a word) so fingers crossed! Don’t worry, I’m not expecting to be cured of either issues, but hopefully it will do something to relax me about it all. Who knows!

Until then… Oh did I mention that I love Daryl from The Walking Dead. Yes it’s true. Carole too ofcourse, she’s a bad ass. But I love Daryl for different reasons.

Back to hypnotherapy, I went to a hypnotist before and it was bloody awful. I laid on her sofa, she counted backwards from 10-0 and then said now you are on a beach relaxing (no I’m bloody not, I’m on your sofa) so anyway that didn’t work. I didn’t have the heart to tell her, so at the end when she asked how I was on a scale of 1-10 I said 3 (I started at 10). OOps. Needless to say I never went back.

Anyway, I’m rambling again and my cat keeps head butting my laptop so I best go and feed her before she shits on my carpet.

Bye for now

L xx






2 thoughts on “Anti….me?

  1. So … firstly your way of writing is so funny and exciting with all those (more on those later)s ,
    secondly technically you are no longer talking to yourself !


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